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私营企业  |   100--200人  |   批发和零售业

Gran Brothers Company was founded in June, 1978.
For the first decade, we had only been engaged in zipper field such as exporting for zippers, zipper machines and whole plant of zipper making machinery, including the know-how transfer of zipper-making technology.

Since 1990, Gran Brothers Company has become a leading trading company in the zipper field.In order to be more competitive, we financed to the well-experienced technicians to purchase machinery and run as OEM factory. By this special way, we increased our sales and profits.

To diversify our business, we ever attempted to import high-class cars from Europe and the United States.However, we did not go on because of the monopoly of car agent system.

In 1992, we turned to be as an agent of ancillary equipment for plastic industry. With the spirit of being professional and providing the best service, we deal with dosing, blender, dryer, conveying and recycling equipment of the worldwide famous brands of “COLOR-TRONIC” and “K-TRON”, from which we also have enjoyed good reputation in this field.

By 2000, the turnover of Gran Brothers Company reached US$20,000,000. We own professional staffs from electric engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and foreign language background. With their efforts, Gran Brothers Company becomes a much more well-known company in Taiwan. Not only oversea customers would like to purchase zippers, zipper machinery and related products from us, but also domestic buyers who are looking for high-class dosing equipment would certainly like to contact us. Gran Brothers Company has become the equivalent of professional service. We provide pre-sales service by advising customers to select the most suitable machinery, and giving them suggestions for process, offering them reasonable prices with necessary technology and providing satisfactory after-sales service.

Since 2001, the Guangzhou Office was established to extend our good service to China and to explore the exporting market in China. In the same year, Gran Brothers Company succeeded in becoming the agency in Taiwan region of MATCON, a worldwide famous bulk material handling equipment supplier.

Till now, our branch office in Guangzhou has been in operation for more than 15 years. Being a professional supplier, we also have quality check team with more than 15year experience for quality assurance before shipment.

We have supplied all sorted zipper / slider / zipper & slider making machines, velcro tape / velcro tape making machine, monofilament extruder, stainless processing equipments, furniture…. And so on from Taiwan and China.

Our other remarkable setup in between includes:

By 2004, we decided to expand our business for ancillary equipment of plastic industry to China. Through this way, the Colortronic business has started from Guangzhou Office.

By 2008 our shanghai office was set up specially for the per/after service of the Colortronic product for china market.

To let customers be more confident on us, we run our company with honesty, sincerity and best quality .We firmly believe that it is our pleasure to help customers to run their business more successfully, and that our professional advice and service can lead to more suitable choice for the customers.


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