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  I have a strong throwing arm! 我的手臂力大无比。

  Looking handsome is what counts most! 英俊无非是最有价值的。

  Boy Scouts serve the community. 童子军服务社区。

  That's the best way to spend your holidays. 那是打法休假最明智的。

  Tennis clothes are so cute! 网球装非常可

  Walking to enjoy the sights is enjoyable. 一面浏览景色一面散步最为快乐。

  Winning money is great fun and relaxation. 赚钱是最愉快舒服的事。

  Fishing is often frustrating. 钓鱼常常会遭到挫败。

  Tinkering is so enjoyable. 修理东西令人快乐。

  Camping with a group is fun. 大伙露营是趣味横生的事。

  Reading and listening to music is the ultimate in relaxation. 一面读书,一面听音乐是最佳的休息。

  Playing the guitar is my thing. 弹吉他是我的拿手好戏。

  I hadn't planned on swimming across the whole lake. 我可从没计划要游过整个湖。

  Rowing builds up arm muscles. 划船能够锻炼臂力。

  Hiking gives you time to think. 郊游可以使你有时间思考。

  Skiing is such a challenging sport! 滑雪是非常有挑战性的运动!

  Building is rewarding. 建造东西是有价值的事。

  Mountain-climbing is difficult. 登山是困难的事。

  had so much fun 玩得开心take a rain check 遇改期

  Nature is the best physician. 自然是最佳的医生。